15 oct. 2012

Roma: arden las calles

Ayer en Roma:
RIOT TIME - On 15 October 2011 about 400,000 people gathered in Rome, Italy, to protest against corporate power, grinding poverty and government cuts. Hundreds of people clashed with police for hours, leaving more than 200 people injured, including 105 police officers. 12 people were arrested.
The 15 October 2011 global protests were part of a series of protests inspired by the Arab Spring, the I

celandic Revolution, the Portuguese "Geração à Rasca", the Spanish "Indignants", the Greek Protests and the Occupy movement. Global demonstrations were held on 15 October in more than 950 cities in 82 countries. The date was chosen to coincide with the 5 month anniversary of the first protest in Spain. General assemblies, the social network n-1, mailing lists, and Facebook were used to coordinate the events.

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