13 nov. 2012

Kreator: Progressive Proletarians

Letra de "Progressive Proletarians", de Kreator:

Evidence, freedom total fake 
Media projection to enslave 
 Subject of this system you became 
 Object of derision total pain 
 Constantly deny your misery
  Can¹t critizise a fact you cannot see
  Interference mindwar affairs
  Guaranteed existance of despair 
 Defiant generation Total violent generation
  Servants modern day dictatorship  
Disabled too confused to get a grip  
Limited perception slavery
 Genius built to crush integrity  
Infertility of soulless lifes  
Defenceless to the visions of the mind 
Ghost of strategy alienation 
Exterminating powers of lifes passion  
Children of the future 
 Got own paths to go  
Some will choose to follow  
Some refuse control  
Keep the faith in powers  
Of integrity Progressive proletarians  
Capitalist strongest enemy

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