10 ene. 2013

Pantera - Revolution Is My Name

Letra de "Revolution Is My Name", de Pantera:

68' i was into the world, born
and the seventies were a breath after the war (vetnam)
life was confusing because of my age
should my eyes open for tomorrows gains
i can't help the way i am
there's no trust and there's no end
what is my name
(chorus) it's time for a change
it can't stay the same
forever is my name
From now on i can't look the other way
but keep in mind, and listen to what i say
take underwing all the ones who are lost
and build up around them an infinite wall
don't you know just who i am
take the hand of the wisdoms friend
what is my name
(chorus) it will never change
so here it stays
revolution is my name
it's time to change, it can't stay the same
forever is my name
what is my name, forever
what is my name, revolution

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